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   Our Objective
Time and patience, these are the two things that contribute most to the baker's art. These along with the knowledge of ingredients, equipments and sensitivity to working conditions define the ability of a baker to produce breads that looks good, tastes good and smells good. In today's fast paced world, it is easy to forget this and to rely on shortened processes and ingredients of convenience. The end result is that the bread looks good, but does not satisfy other senses, leaving one with a feeling that something is missing. Bread is the staff of life and tradition has to be honoured to bring brad to the level of exaltation that it has enjoyed in the past.
   Quality Policy
Bakemart LLC. is commited to continously provide high quality Bakery and Confectionery products that consistently satisfy customers requirements and expectations. We believe that people are an asset in the company; therefore our imminent concern is human resources development and awareness towards improvement. Our constant research means that products are continually being improved, thereby making them readily identifiable in terms of taste, texture, flavour & appearance, which made a link between Bakemart bakery products and consumers on an ongoing basis. The company strives to maintain its market dominance through effective control of Operations and activities which is achieved by implementation of Quality Management Systems and HACCP Procedural Systems.
   Geographic Locations

Bakemart started its operations in the year 2003 at Dubai - UAE. With all the sincere and earnest efforts of its team, it had succeeded in creating a base in wholesale and retail segments of its products. The confidence level on account of its take off at Dubai enabled it to create manufacturing base in Doha - Qatar.

  • Our strong customer base has reached in and arround gcc countries, asian sub-continent now we are looking into african countries etc.
  • Our retail operations we are simultaneously promoting our BAKEMART PLUS KIOSK operations in UAE.
Proposed Factory Of Bakemart @ Dubai Industrial City. Opening 2010
Bakemart plus Kiosk in Dubai
Bakemart Retail Outlet in Dubai
Bakemart Retail Outlet in Dubai
Bakemart Plus Retail Outlets in Qatar
Bakemart Plus Retail Outlets in Qatar
Bakemart Plus Retail Outlets in Qatar
Bakemart Plus Retail Outlets in Qatar
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